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Wedding AccessoriesWedding Articles and Free Wedding Guides

Wedding Articles and Free Wedding Guides

Welcome to our ever-growing library of fun and informative wedding articles and free wedding guides that will make planning your wedding easy and enjoyable! From the latest trends in environmentally friendly weddings to the best ideas for western weddings, the BridesVillage "reading room" is the place to learn interesting tidbits about the big day that you won't find anywhere else!

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Just added! The History of the Wishbone Tradition
Wishbones: They're not just for Thanksgiving anymore! We may associate them with the holidays, but wishbones were once a part of many celebrations. Learn the origins of this ancient tradition and how you can make it a uniquely memorable part of your wedding! Read about it here!

10 Tried & True Tips for Affordable Wedding Invitations & Stationery
Continuing with our theme of bringing down the costs of wedding planning, BridesVillage founder Cathy Ward shares her 10 favorite tips for saving on stationery like wedding invitations, programs, and more. Drawing on her experiences as an invitation specialist, Cathy explains how saving on your paper supplies is easier than you think! Read about it here!

Wedding Budget Calculator and Money-Saving Tips
Keeping costs under control can be the most stressful part of wedding planning. Fortunately, we make it easier to monitor your spending with our free wedding budget calculator! This downloadable spreadsheet lets you enter you estimated and actual costs, giving you control of where and how you spend (it even does the math for you). Get yours now!

Bridal Party Gift Ideas and Etiquette: When and How to Shop
When should you start shopping for bridal party gifts? What sort of gifts should you give? Who should you even be shopping for? The answers to all your burning questions are answered in our new guide. Read about it here!

The Ancient (and Violent) History of the Wedding Party
Think it's hard being in the wedding party? Think again! Kidnappings, church brawls, and all-out war were once regular features of being groomsmen. So sharpen your swords and take a look at our favorite bits of trivia about the ancient (and violent) history of the wedding party. Read about it here!

Wedding Processional Guide: Bridal Processional Etiquette Made Simple
Does the groom come in before the priest, or after? When do I send in the ring bearer? Is a Catholic processional really all that different than a Protestant one? All your burning wedding processional questions are answered here! You'll also learn the popular processional orders for Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and non-denominational weddings! Read about it here!

Charity Weddings, Gifts, & Favors: 10 Tips for Making a Difference
There's never been a better time to do some good, which is why we've brought you 10 of our favorite tips for showing how even a small wedding can make a big difference. By making charitable giving and awareness a part of your celebration, you'll be sharing your love with people who need it the most, and that love can come back to you in ways you can't imagine. Tying your wedding to a worthwhile cause is now easier and more popular than ever -- one in 10 newlywed couples have already done it, and so can you! Read about it here!

The Story of the Sand Ceremony & Tips for Holding One of Your Own
The sand ceremony is one of the most up-and-coming trends in modern weddings, and it's not just for beach-themed celebrations anymore. Its elegant simplicity and powerful symbolism have made it popular alternative to the unity candle tradition all over the world. While the practice may be relatively new, this exploration of sand ceremonies shows how the meanings behind the practice are as old as the human spirit. Read about it here!

Grow Your Own Wedding: Make Affordable DIY Wedding Flowers
Save money, save the environment! Exotic wedding flowers from the florist can be a huge expense (and can actually increase carbon emissions), but you can help out your local environment and your pocketbook by growing your own arrangements right in your backyard. Learn important gardening basics, tips, and see detailed lists of our favorite wedding flowers to grow for each geographical region of the US! Read about it here!

How to Dry Flowers: Create Dried Flowers and Decorations at Home
Dried wedding flowers and other all-natural decorations are more popular now than ever, but why pay for them when you can make your own for free? Learn how to make spectacular dried flower creations with ordinary household tools (and without visiting the florist)! Read about it here!

Western Wedding Ideas and Decorating Tips
Learn everything you need to know to create an authentic country or western wedding theme in our ultimate western wedding planning guide! Rustle up these tools, tips, tricks, and other fun ideas and get started! Read about it here!

Irish and Celtic Wedding Traditions and Superstitions
Is it actually a bad idea to get married in the month of May? And why do couples tie shoes to their car bumper? Discover the origins of everyone's favorite wedding superstitions passed down from the Emerald Isle in this fun exploration of Irish and Celtic wedding traditions! Read about it here!

The Top 7 Most Frequently Asked Aisle Runner Questions
How long should my aisle runner be? How do I keep it from getting caught on my heels? And what do I do with it after the wedding? Find the answers to these and other common aisle runner questions for a smooth trip to the altar! Read about it here!

The Complete Anniversary Gift Guide
Never be clueless for anniversary gift ideas again! Our Complete Anniversary Gift Guide includes the full traditional and modern anniversary list as well as fun and informative explanations of the symbolism behind each year! Read about it here!

All of Our Guides Are Free!
See a video of someone tripping over an aisle runner and want to avoid the same fate? Ever wonder where a tradition comes from? All of our free wedding planner guides are designed to be comprehensive resources that will answer all your questions and inspire you to take your wedding in all new directions! So get comfy and get ready to learn everything you need to know to be this season's best-informed bride!

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